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The owner of the Huacas, Guanacaste Costa Rica "New York Pizzeria" and its associated properties arrived in Costa Rica from Miami where he had a successful, New York Pizzeria, located at the entrance to Corral Gables, Florida. Prior to Miami, he lived in New York City where he worked in a "New York Pizzeria" and learned the trade. The Huacas Pizza and associated Properties (Pizzeria and Apartments) are located between Huacas & Matapalo, 300 meters west of the Huacas/Brasilito junction. Business Revenue is derived from the New York Pizza sales and by the rental of 3 apartments. The Business has all required government permits. The owner plans to retire and is offering different purchase options for the Business and Properties. Contact us for a Special reduced Price. Reasonable offers Considered. Business accounting details will be provided to qualified interested parties:
Option 1. Purchase Complete Package, - Purchase the Operating Pizzeria and the properties as a complete package. This includes the land, Pizza recipes, 1 month of training and 3 apartments.
Option 2. Purchase Pizza Business Rights - Purchase the rights to the Pizzeria including recipes and training. The new owner would then pay a monthly rent for the Pizza Building.
Option 3. Purchase Property and Improvements - Purchase the Property and all buildings and rent the Pizzeria back to the current owner or his designate.
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There are two apartments in the south-east portion of the property and one apartment with a 1 car garage located adjacent to the Pizzeria The layout is identical for the 2 south-east apartments with living room, kitchen, bath, 2 bedrooms with closets, laundry room and patio. Both are wired for cable TV, Internet and phone service. Extra features include window screens and gutters around the apartment. The third apartment is larger but has the same number of rooms and extra features.

The apartments have secure parking with an electric, gated entrance, a white gravel drive and are landscaped. The two south-east apartments are occupied long term by responsible tenants and the third apartment is currently occupied by the owner.
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The Huacas Business "Property" includes the "Pizzeria" Building and "3 Apartments", all with their associated infrastructure.
The "Property" is located on the road from Huacas to Matapalo, 300 meters west of the Huacas/Brasilito junction. It measures 1,247.66 square meters (0.3083 acres) and is rectangular with a width of 12.5 meters (along the public road frontage) and 50.0 meters deep. The property is enclosed by a 2 meter fence with a remote controlled, electrically operated gate access to the apartments. A manually operated gate provides public access to the New York Pizzeria
The property has a legally registered Catastro (Plot Plan) number G-677252-2001. All taxes are current.
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